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the musterknaben eG

With the cooperative model can be implemented, the trend of establishing their own residential real estate service companies. By the simple addition of such members, it is possible, even smaller companies, for which the establishment of a separate subsidiary so far is not economical to participate in community concepts. This participation can be realized with low capital investment and provides the basis of the cooperative principle, the possibility of voting, say in the policies of the company itself.

energy management

About half the operating costs in the rental sector accounts for the range of heat consumption, this in turn is split into about 80% consumption for space heating and 20% for hot water production.
In addition to the consumption-based metering and billing of heat for the individual tenants, many projects significant savings of 10-15% by optimizing operation can have the show heating systems.

waste management

The waste management is a service that has developed in the wake of the regulations for greater segregation and feedstock recycling of waste. Today, the concept of re-sorting of waste on site as a standard model has been established for the housing industry. This includes the usage-based billing and collection of a waste consumption, which belongs to the statutory standard in the energy sector.